Frequently asked questions

Q:How much will it cost?
A: At the initial meeting with a client we can give usually give an estimate of cost if a certain course of action is taken. We undertake to consult with you if it appears that costs will exceed the estimate. For some of our services we have a fixed fee. We are happy to discuss billing options. Some clients may prefer to be billed monthly, some may like to be billed when the account reaches a certain dollar value, others prefer to wait until the matter is finished

Q: What if I have a problem that doesn’t seem to fit into any of the categories of law that my lawyer has expertise in?
A: The lawyer that you usually deal with may refer your matter to another lawyer within the firm who has specialist knowledge of the applicable area of law (with your consent, of course). If we think that your problem would be better handled by someone else we will gladly refer you to a colleague that we know and trust.

Q: I have an urgent problem but my lawyer is not available.
A: If your lawyer is not available when you telephone you can leave a message for them to telephone you or you can speak to the appropriate Personal Assistant. She may be able to help you or she may suggest you speak to someone else in the firm who could answer your query.

Q: I have received a statement from you but I can’t understand it.
A: Make contact with our accounts staff for any explanations you require. They are happy to help

Q: My elderly parents would like to update their wills, however they are not very mobile 
these days.

A: We can make arrangements to visit clients in their homes if necessary.